Blog Started

Blog Started

Hello Friends,

My name is Douglas Gaskell, I’m a novice programmer and game developer. I recently started learning programming and game development within Unity “officially” at the beginning of 2015, though I started dabbling in the fall of 2014. I’m an IT Tech by trade and am trying to work my way out of IT support and into a more creative and immersive field such as software/game development.

Throughout this blog I’ll be documenting my programming and game development progress, as well as the specific progress of an unnamed game myself and a team mate are working on under the newly created studio of Verichron Games. The game is set to be a small-scale 2D space RTS with inspiration from The Space Game, StarSector, and Gratuitious Space Battles. Development started in the fall of 2014, and has been steadily moving forward since then.

I will also be posting Unity tutorials, as well as programming assets for Unity developers. Some of these tutorials and assets will cover topics such as object pooling, enemy detection, turret behaviors, and game object reference tracking. If any of you have specific topics you would like to see covered (that would relate to what we have done in an RTS environment) please drop me a note here.

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