Using MahApps To Improve My WPF Visuals

Using MahApps To Improve My WPF Visuals

After making my login helper, I realized that it looks pretty crappy. It may  have the behavior I want, but no one it going to look twice at an application that appears to have come from the Windows 98 era. I searched around for a solution, and decided to go with a Metro design. There are a ton of different frameworks for metro-like applications, however MahApps seemed like the best choice for me.

The Setup:

First things first, get the Nuget package via:  Install-Package MahApps.Metro -Version 1.12  this will install the current (as of today) stable release. For more release info go here.  Getting the ball rolling with MahApps is hilariously simple, they have a quickstart guide on their site here that walks you through making your first metro window. Actually, their entire site details most of the frameworks features. I don’t need to tell you how to set this up, just refer to their quickstart as well as their controls guide for that!


So I went ahead and stayed up till 4:00 A.M. and made my application look a LOT prettier than it was before. I also played a bit with XAML animations to produce this effect for my password popup:


Here is a .gif of the new application look: websiteLogins2

I’m happy with the results

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