General Info

Hi,  my name is Douglas. I’m a programmer diving into the world of web development. You’re likely to find me developing organizational or private tools to help with data collection, validation, manipulation, and presentation.  I have a knack for process improvement and automation, and have found that most problems can be solved with a bit of coding. I currently work as a Data Analyst and utilize both web and native application development to achieve my goals. I have exceptional Google Sheets and Excel skills and knowledge, and can without a doubt make your spreadsheet wishes come true.

Besides the dry stuff, I like to play games, watch anime, and tinker with web API’s for games or services.






JavaScript  Visual Studio AngularJS 1.x
C# NetBeans JQuery
PHP Visual Studio Code Semantic UI
SQL Chrome Dev Tools Google Services
Google Apps Script Unity 5 WPF
TypeScript Blender Firebase
CSS SourceTree